UW course on Science Writing!

As we all know, getting the message in our research across is both difficulty and crucial — especially if we want to change public opinion or policy! UW’s Life Sciences Communication department is a wealth of expertise on how to get it done, and this spring is offering a course aimed at aspiring scientists like you, dear readers. Give it a look-see!

For undergraduate (seniors), graduate and professional students in the sciences:
Life Sciences Communication 560 “Scientific Writing” with Ron (William) Seely
T/R 11:00am-12:15pm
Class #22222
LSC 560 Course description:
LSC 560 is a class designed for students who either study or write about science or technical subjects and wish to improve their skills at communicating complicated information, both to the general public and to others in the sciences. The course will focus on ways to bring clarity and simplicity to the most difficult of subjects by focusing on language, story and interpretive techniques such as the effective use of analogy and definition. Whether your interest is in science journalism or scientific publication, this course will make you a better writer and communicator by offering common sense, nuts-and-bolts solutions to the most difficult of the problems that plague your writing. In addition to lectures and close editing of regular writing assignments by the instructor — a working science journalist — a number of guest speakers, including editors, scientists and science writers, will also share their expertise and experience.
Ron Seely has written about science and the environment for 20+ years as a professional journalist and is now an editor and reporter at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.  For more information on Ron Seely: http://lsc.wisc.edu/people/faculty/ron-seely/

To enroll, please email Ron Seely for consent:  wrseely@wisc.edu / william.seely@wisc.edu