…Basically, how do we prevent GATTACA?

How do we make sure that rapid advances in human gene editing technology are used for good, not evil? With CRISPR technology on the march and international disputes brewing over its (attempted) application to human embryos, this is science policy happening RIGHT NOW. And we’ve got one of the premier thinkers on the subject right here on campus.

Pilar Ossorio, PhD, JD, is a Professor of Law and Bioethics here at UW, and one of the most empaneled scholars and advisors you’ll ever meet. We’re lucky to have her for the Paul Bach-y-Rita Memorial Lecture as part of the Neuroscience & Public Policy Seminar Series.

Come join us on at the Biotech Auditorium, 425 Henry Mall, on Friday the 13th, for what will probably be equal parts exciting and terrifying.