Adult Swim Science Fair at Madison Children’s Museum

You found it! Below are links and more information for getting involved in the “Adult Swim: Science Fair,” a collaboration between CaSP, Madison Children’s Museum, and WORT. The event will be sponsored by a grant from ResearchAmerica!

The Science Fair is an effort to get Madisonians together to talk about the real impacts of science-related issues on our community, both locally and globally! What better way to do that than to spend time together at one of Madison’s leading curiosity generators–the Children’s Museum–just across the street from the capitol?

We’re inviting community members, locals, politicians, and staffers to join us for a relaxed evening of discussion and discovery of all sorts, both serious and silly. Join us March 27th, 2020!

For questions about the Adult Swim: Science Fair, email us at

Information for Presenters