June 8, 2019 – World Climate Simulation

Climate change is the greatest challenge to world peace and prosperity. Yet, for many of us, the complexity and size of the issue makes it very difficult to comprehend. To help individuals understand the impacts of climate change, developers from the Climate Interactive in collaboration with the Sustainability Institute, Ventana Systems, and MIT developed a climate change simulator called The Climate Rapid Overview and Decision-support Simulator, or C-ROADS.

C-ROADS has been used to develop a World Climate Change Negotiation Game, which is a role-playing activity that portrays climate change negotiations at the United Nations. The games aims to educate participants about the complexity of solving climate change at a global level.

CaSP will be bringing this climate simulation game to Madison and will be lead by our very own Samantha Anderson and Michael Pinkert. This event is on Saturday, June 8, 2019 in the Orchard View Room at the Discovery Building. The simulation begins at 1:00 PM and runs for roughly four hours. Space is limited and there will be light refreshments, so we request that you RSVP here.