February: Energy Exploration Part III

           The first month of 2018 passed by quickly and the CaSP leadership team is working hard on planning great events for the spring and summer. One event series that we invite all interested parties to attend is our monthly Science Policy Journal Club. Journal clubs are informal discussions on a specific science policy topic lead by different CaSP members. If you are interested in attending or leading your own journal club (you pick the topic!), please sign up for our mailing list to know when and where the next journal club will be held.

        For the month of February, CaSP’s social media team continues their exploration into energy and energy policy. This month’s focus is on renewables such as ocean energy, nuclear energy, and geothermal energy. We will conclude our energy exploration series by examining how energy affects public health and climate change. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!. We started this energy exploration series last December with material related to fossil fuels. In the month of January, we pivoted towards renewable energy.