Delta Beer Lab – Submission Requirements

CaSP x DBL Collab Submission Requirements

Using the example and template provided, designers will customize the new label following the design requirements listed below. We also want you to talk about your work! In a maximum of 100 words, please provide a brief description of your art and the science behind it. The description will be presented on the label and the winning designer will get the chance to talk about it at the event at Delta Beer Labs. However, designs that are not chosen for the label are still noteworthy! With designers’ consent, we will post all other designs on our website and social media. 

Adhering to all the submission guidelines and design requirements gives you the best chance at winning. Please reach out to Natalie Wieber ( with questions or concerns. 

Submit your design and write up via this form by MIDNIGHT on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH, 2024!
General requirements and considerations
  • Labels will include your design as well as a short description of the research behind it.
  • Submissions can be made by an individual or a group (ages 21+), but at least one member of the submitting team, or individual designers, must be affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • If your design is chosen to be on the label, we ask that you commit to participating in our event with Delta Beer Lab on April 5th where the community will be able to talk to you about your work and your design! 
  • If your design isn’t chosen to be on the label, we still want to feature your work! Indicate on the submission form if you consent to us posting your design and write-up (credited to you, of course) on our website or on social media. 
Design requirements
  • Check out the Golden Ale label for an example of all requirements.
  • Label requirements:
    • Designs can be a maximum of 4.75” x 8” (see the die template file for details)
      • Safe zone means to stay inside to avoid your art being cut off 
      • Die line is the actual label size 
      • Bleed line is where your art should extend if you want to ensure it runs off the label 
    • Some elements are required and will need to be placed on top of your design for the final label (for example, there will be a 2.25” square in the middle of the label).
      • Check out the example label to see all necessary label elements that will be placed on top of your design if your design is chosen.
  • Color requirements
    • Labels will be printed digitally – Printed 4cp CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black). 
    • No Pastel or NEON colors (they tend to print dark due to the CMYK).
    • The base stock is White which can be used in the design.
  • Files should be submitted as a PDF or image file (png, jpg, other).
Write up requirements
  • Briefly explain the research behind your design, why it’s cool, or what people should know about the science (in layman’s terms) (max 70 words).
  • This statement will accompany your design on the label and on our website.
  • CaSP will work with you to make sure the description is within the max number of words and encompasses everything you wish to convey. 
Other considerations
  • If you use the help of other individuals, be sure to credit them so that we can too. 
  • Designers should be available to work with CaSP members after submitting their labels to ensure they adhere to all requirements and are ready for the rollout.