December Theme: Energy Part I

As winter starts to go into full swing, many of us will start to see our energy bills go up due to the increased amount of energy consumption associated with heating our homes. For most of us, heating is just one of many necessities and luxuries that consume a significant amount of energy. However, as we have seen in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico, and the energy crisis that continues to impact the people of the US territory, we are reminded that our future depends upon having a reliable source of energy that will not only provide enough power, but also a source of energy that limits significant environmental impact. However, how is such a goal reached? And, what are the challenges (politically, socially, and scientifically) that complicate our energy future? To explore these topics, our social media theme for the next few months is energy.

We will start the month of December first exploring how energy impacts our society, especially when energy is limited. We will then continue the month discussing fossil fuels and the current state of energy production from coal, oil, and other forms of burning (wood, trash, etc). As always, we will be sharing articles, videos, etc. on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, so make sure to follow us on both platforms.