May 21, 2018 – Transforming the fight against climate change in the Midwest; Seminar by Howard Learner

On Monday May 21, 2018, CaSP will be hosting a seminar by Howard Learner, the President and Executive Director of the Environmental Law and Policy Center. The topic of his seminar is climate change with primary focus on the Midwest. The event will be held in Microbial Sciences Building room 2511 from 10:00 AM. To pre-register for the event, please go here.

Howard Learner is the President and Executive Director from the Environmental Policy and Law Center. Mr. Learner has served on a number of organizations, such as the American Council on Renewable Energy, and had also served as Senior Advisor for Energy and Environmental Issues from President Barack Obama’s first campaign for President (2007 – 2008). He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and his law degree from Harvard Law School and started his legal career as a civil rights attorney.

Founded by Mr. Learner in 1993, the ELPC is an environmental law advocacy organization in the Midwest. The mission of organization is to bridge environmental protection with economic development for the improvement of our environment and overall quality of life. The organization achieves this by leading advocacy campaigns and developing innovative ideas that promote eco-friendly economic development.